At Lethbridge London we strive to be an effective and efficient company, instilling the highest standard of work, communication, conservation, safety and honesty. We implement best practise throughout all our management systems and have ensured that our employees attend ongoing training programmes.

After an initial visit to assess the work, Lethbridge London will produce a breakdown of costs, outlining the specific areas of work to be carried out, provide a schedule of works, drawings, method statement and an overall quote. Every project carried out is covered by our twelve month guarantee.

Whilst works are undertaken you will be regularly briefed on the project’s progress. A senior project manager will oversee the day to day running of each job and will be your direct point of contact. Our WhatsApp link has proved very popular. Lethbridge London employs a Chartered health and safety officer (No. 012794)  to ensure safety on site at all times, for both clients and employees.

If there are unavoidable delays you will be informed of these as early as possible. If there are changes to the work specified or extra costs, these will be mutually confirmed in writing and agreed with you before such work begins. 

Lethbridge London employees will always treat you and your property with respect and ensure that the working site remains a safe, clean and healthy environment.

Any relevant instructions and guarantees will be handed over to you at the end of the project and you’ll be briefed about any relevant maintenance issues. We hold records of all materials, guarantees and certificates in case you require this information in the future.